Swimming Pools & Spas

Gunite or Shotcrete swimming pool & spa from Chattanooga LandDesign will transform your home into a renewed source of relaxation, a private place to exercise, and a fun destination for picnics and parties. Nestled among lush gardens, melding with your architectural style, your custom pool becomes an extension of you and your home.

Gunite Pools & Spas are one of the top choices for homeowners today, due to their beauty, versatility and durability. And don’t discount the versatility of shotcrete swimming pools & spas which give you the ability to create an unlimited array of shapes and sizes. You will also be able to choose from a variety of finishes to coordinate with the rest of your outdoor living area. Plaster finishes come in an array of shades and colors to coordinate with your new pool decking. Other finishes can be created from pebbles or glass for a truly unique, high end look in your new swimming pool and spa. You can also opt for a variety of features to be attached to your new pool including waterfalls, custom lighting, fountains, iPhone controls, custom steps and more!

Call us today and let us create the resort style living you’ve been dreaming of!